Parent Testimonial

Parent of Akshay P

Kendriya Vidhyalaya (2013-15)

The support of the teachers has been selfless and outstanding. They are willing to try their BEST and help my child learn at his own pace.
Mr. R. Parthibhan
Parent of Vishal A

Kola Perumal Sr. Sec.School(2014-16)

GEMJEE has allowed my son to BLOSSOM!  Students are given careful attention to thrive in the exams.
Mr. V. Anantha Krishnan
Parent of Apoorva N

PSBB (2013-15)

This well-rounded education helped DRASTIC DEVELOPMENT while reinforcing the values that we, as Parents, had instilled in my daughter.
Mr. N. Nagarajan
Parent of Nandakumar P

Asan Memorial School (2013-15)

I have seen a REMARKABLE CHANGE in my son’s personality and confidence which turned him to be SCHOOL FIRST. Thanks to GEMJEE.
Mr. C. Panneer Selvam
Parent of Srejith R

DAV (2009-11)

The institute together with its VALUES, STANDARDS, ETHICS AND EXCELLENT TRAINING gave us the best high experience we could have asked for!
Mr. R. Ramesh
Parent of Mrudula Boss

La Chatelaine Junior College (2014-16)

My heartful gratitude to Mr. Ravi and his team for having SHAPED MY DAUGHTER’S CAREER. I wish GEMJEE all success in shaping many more young minds.
Mr. A.V. Boss
Parent of Saikrishnan B

Devi Academy (2013-15)

GEMJEE institute developed the desire to study in the students. I thank the teachers for making him what he is now.
Mr. P.S. Balasubramanian
Parent of Vishal R

National Public School (2011-13)

You have a MIRACLE going on here, and we love being a part of it.
Mrs. R. Rajalakshmi Ravichandran
Parent of Sailesh Giridharan

PSBB (2012-14)

Ever since our son joined GEMJEE, he started progressing his studies and became FOCUSSED. The training was VIGOROUS and perhaps the personal attention also helped him.
Mr. G Giridharan
Parent of Shruti Krishna

PSBB Millenium (2010-12)

The excellent teachers, MENTORED our daughter and helped her every step of the way. We really appreciate their SUPPORT AND BENEVOLENCE.
Mr. Krishna
Parent of Madhumitha C M

Chettinad Vidhyashram (2014-16)

GEMJEE institute makes learning very easy. The caring attitude towards student is wonderful.
Mr. C. Mariappan
Parent of Sadhana S

National Public School (2011-13)

The way of conducting the class was really INSPIRING and then will result in my daughter’s score in the board exams. GREAT INSTITUTE!!
Mr. V. Saptharishi
Parent of Vishnu Priya R

PSBB (2010-12)

The GEMJEE has such an environment which helps students to achieve their academic goals EFFECTIVELY. I wish the institute very BEST OF LUCK for many more successful years to come.
Mr. Ravi Shankar
Parent of Badri Vishal J

Sree Narayana Mission School (2013-15)

GEMJEE CHALLENGED to reach FULL POTENTIAL of my son that has helped my son to become the person what he is today.
Mr. J. Jahiram
Parent of Sohan Saha

Pon Vidhyashram (2011-13)

GEMJEE have been instrumental in providing EXCELLENT COACHING and MENTORING my son. THANKS.
Mr. G. Bimalendu Saha


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GEMJEE is a leading institute catering to educational coaching in Chennai for NEET, JEE, Foundation Course. We provide coaching through the dedicated effort of professionals, to ensure the success and growth of students. As a group of passionate professors with years of experience and the proven record as successful mentors, we aim to reinvest in the process of teaching-learning for the growth of future generation.

We have been catering to the coaching needs of school and college students for years in the field of Science and Mathematics in our K.K Nagar & Mugalivakkam centers in Chennai, with a team of likeminded talented subject experts.


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