Certified Teachers


Teachers hold the keys to the future – the kind of civilization in the future depends on the teaching of today. With this in mind, our faculty at GEMJEE is dedicated in providing an education that is fitting for the raising of the next generation. They are motivated by the responsibility of teaching as they are aware of the influential position they hold as the teachers of the next generation. Thus, our faculty approach teaching as a sacred duty – a duty that is directed towards the students, their parents, the community, the nation and even a duty to the world.

Teaching is a demanding profession that requires in-depth knowledge, patience, passion and a will to serve the community. It is this concept of service that provides our faculty with the intrinsic motivation to deliver the profession properly.

The quality of our staff is one of our greatest assets. Kids enjoy classes with qualified, licensed teachers who love what they do, and love kids. Our staff understands the concept of enriching our kids without taking over their education. They treat each child as an individual, and accept them as they are.

Our faculty is motivated by the important value they place on teaching. They aim to act as role models engaging in what is right, being considerate and consistently showing understanding, patience, compassion and enthusiasm. Teachers aim to make students feel valued by tackling failure as well as embracing success. Our faculty is in the business of not only teaching students but also in fostering values by not simply explaining but demonstrating as role models.